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How good you sleep effects how good you feel… beds matter. Bedutopia.com is a consumer guide to specialty bedding and sleep systems for the 21st century. This site was dreamt up in early 2007, with a focus on information about adjustable beds a.k.a. power foundations. You can explore this topic in depth on our adjustable bed review guide, or read a small excerpt below. You can also learn about the manufacturer, Leggett and Platt, who for many decades has been the main producer of most of the adjustable frames on the market.

Today Bedutopia reaches further and broadens its’ scope. We have begun to explore alternative sleep surfaces such as organic bedding. Why not combine comfort with health when you sleep? Our first addition to this section will be of interest to new parents titled: A parent’s guide to organic crib mattresses. Next, we’ll be looking into other organic sleep surfaces (mattresses and sheets). As always, please send us any comments, stories or experiences you’ve had with adjustable beds, other specialty mattresses, and organic bedding.

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Adjustable beds allow the user to sleep more comfortably
Thinking about buying an adjustable bed? Visit Bedutopia’s consumer guide. Within, you will learn about the technology behind adjustable beds as well as topics including: brands, mattress types, bed comparisons, bedding accessories and potential health benefits. More

Natural Rubber / Latex Samples
If you’re considering replacing your conventional mattress with one that is organic, we recommend reading through our organic mattress guide before buying. Here we explore the types of organic mattresses on the market today, prices, the top manufacturers in the US and Canada and our thoughts on testing before you buy.

choose an organic crib mattress for your baby
An Organic Crib Mattress is Best for Your Baby
You want to know that the products you buy for  your baby and child are safe, but how can you be sure? We’re going to take a look for you, so that you as a consumer know what is true and what is greenwashing. We will also review organic crib mattress and bedding products that are chemical-free.
ReadSafe Baby: A Parent’s Guide to Organic Crib Mattresses

by Leggett and Platt
Prodigy by Leggett and Platt
If you are looking to buy an adjustable bed base Leggett and Platt is the manufacturer you need to know. This company is based in Georgetown, Kentucky and has been making adjustable bed frames for over 30 years. Within the bedding industry Leggett and Platt represents “quality.”