Adjustable Air Beds

An air adjustable bed is the one type of mattress that is adjustable. Adding this type of mattress to an adjustable bed frame gives you the option to raise and lower head and foot levels as well as change the actual firmness of the mattress. However, it is important to note that NOT ALL MODELS of adjustable air mattresses are compatible with adjustable frames, so here’s the scoop.

Tell me About the Air Mattress Composition…

The components of a self adjusting air bed
Adjustable air beds take the basic idea of a camping style air mattress (although air bed manufacturers don’t like any comparison to something like the Aerobed), enhance it with modern design elements and enclose it in a fabric cover so that it does not look any different than a standard coil spring mattress.

The basic components of these mattresses include: inner air chambers, (made from eigher thick, high quality rubber or polyurethane) 4-thick foam side rails that interlock to create a firm edge, a cover, a plastic or wooden foundation (base), an electric pump and remote control. Luxury models tend to add memory foam and pillow top layers for comfort.

Typically, an adjustable air bed requires some assembly upon arrival. This usually involves snapping together the base (if plastic), inserting the air chambers into the cover, fitting together the foam rails and then pumping up the mattress. The pump automatically shuts off once the chambers reach their maximum level. There is no need to worry about over-inflating the mattress.

Once filled, it is recommended that the user / users test out the bed, and adjust to a comfortable degree of firmness, usually via remote control. Most people need several days and many slight adjustments to get the mattress to their preference. You may not even like the feel of the bed right away. The good news is that most sellers offer a 30 day return policy, if you aren’t satisfied. Note: Be sure to retain the original packaging if there is any thought of a return.

Why Choose an Air Bed?

an adjustable mattress on an adjustable frame
An example of an adjustable air bed mattress on an adjustable frame by Select Comfort
The choice of an air bed over other types of adjustable mattresses depends on personal preference. It may also be based on a specific ailment. If reducing pressure points to allow maximum circulation is a requirement, an air bed mattress may be a good choice as it offers pressure relief below 32 mmHg (32 millimeters of mercury is a the point at which zero pressure is being applied to the body for maximum circulation).

We discussed the basics of the adjustable air bed mattress above. The SAT mattress (which stands for Self Adjusting Technology) uses a patented air suspension system based on ‘Boyles Law’ which uses no pumps, motors or electricity. Instead it uses an intake / release valve system to self adjust. This type of mattress is recognized by the US government, and is frequently used in the health care industry. It is also being promoted for home use and basic sleep comfort.

Another brand, Nikken, makes an adjustable air mattress. The Nikken mattress combines magnetic technology with state-of-the-art air bed technology. Sizes of mattresses include full, queen, king and cal king. Nikken’s larger mattresses include “the dual adjustable air bed”. These mattresses are designed for two sleepers and have 2- adjustable air chamber so that each person can select the perfect level of firmness.

What are Dual Adjustable Air Beds?

Dual adjustable air beds are recommended for couples, as it allows each sleeper to individually control the level of firmness of their side of the mattress, via remote control. If there is a fairly significant variance in the level of firmness between each side, an additional layer of foam can be added underneath to raise the level of the softer side, keeping the surface of the mattress even. Since each side of the bed has it’s own air chamber, there is minimal transfer of motion. An important consideration with dual adjustable air beds is the whisper quiet pump. You will find that less expensive models offer air pumps that can be as loud as a hair dryer! Yikes!! This can be disturbing if one of the users likes to adjust his or her side of the mattress in the middle of the night.