Adjustable Beds

Adjustable Beds on a Budget

For those looking to buy an adjustable bed frame on a tight budget you may want to consider Costco. I saw one in the San Francisco Store the other day but didn’t get far in my review. As part of my review I wanted to include a photo, which caused consternation with a store employee who stormed by me and said in a cranky disciplinarian tone: “No taking photos in the store!” Here I may digress a little from writing about the adjustable bed in the store, but what is so secretive about Costco that you can’t take a picture? I understand the policy as it relates to something like Burning Man where privacy from cell phone cameras makes sense but not at a big box store where you could be in any city in the USA or another country. So back to the bed it was a queen-sized memory foam for $1499 on a Carrie poster bed for $1199, apparently all are available on costcodotcom. Oh yeah, and there is one pic.