Organic Bedding

How to Care for Your Organic Mattress?

Is there one answer about how to care for your organic mattress? Not necessarily: I went to several San Francisco Bay Area bedding showrooms and was offered different advice.

I found on two occasions that the natural latex mattress I was inquiring about didn’t require any special care, like flipping.

The reason being, according to owner Leonard Laxamana of Ergo Sleep Systems in Berkeley, CA is because “latex is durable.”  I found the same information upon visiting Latex International’s website.

Well that’s good news for the busy consumer…

But opinions differ – especially about specifics on how to care for something. When I visited my third showroom – A Happy Planet, in San Francisco – the owner, Kevin Kirby, said special care like flipping would help me get the most value out of my investment.

Here are some other suggestions he made which you may find useful:

  • (1) Flip and rotate your mattress – from head to foot. Annually
  • (2) If you have innerspring use both sides (unless it’s non-reversible) – this will help you get the most out it
  • (3) Put it on the right surface –  a slatted foundation is key for ventilation
  • (4) Protect it – when you change the sheets on the weekend, don’t put the sheets right back on.  Allow the natural fibers in your mattress to breathe
  • (5) Mattress cover – re: organic cotton with wool blend. If you have a removable, zippered cover, take it off and place it in the sun for a couple of hours. This will air it out and get rid of any odors. FYI: The sun is nature’s disinfectant and will kill smell causing bacteria

At A Happy Planet, the care-approach for the organic mattresses in his showroom is admittedly European… it’s all about opening it up, flipping it, and airing it in the sun. This old world approach is simple and reflects two goals (1) to evenly wear the mattress surface and (2) to air out the natural fibers and latex, all of which need to breathe.  

For the sake of natural latex, a slatted foundation allows this living material to breathe and, therefore, last longer. For Kevin, the customer can buy a healthy comfortable mattress that will last for years.  Buying for value not just price is what it’s all about. He wants to see his customers get 20 years out of their mattress. And, according to Latex International, a latex mattresses should easily last that long!