Imagining Tomorrow’s Adjustable Bed

The Prodigy App for the iPhone

Adjustable bed features are growing and so are the marketing efforts to get young consumers NOT to associate adjustable beds with hospital beds — which apparently they do, according to this article in the Wall Street Journal. To do this, mattress manufacturers are replacing the term “adjustable” with “power” and hope that this works.

If things go their way, then the hip new bed of tomorrow will be a departure from the flat bed experience, making way for the modern lifestyle power bed.

If you go to a local mattress or bedding showroom, you will see at least one adjustable bed (a.k.a. power foundation). Two popular ones are Tempur-pedic’s Ergo base and one of the many models made by Leggett and Platt.

Leggett and Platt’s latest model “the Prodigy,” may be representative of one of the company’s future customers. The profile is young, maybe even high tech. Recently, I spoke with a sales representative at a Sleep Train mattress store in Emeryville, California, who said that Prodigy power foundation was selling well with the younger crowd.

And if you’re wondering what some of the high tech features are — on Prodigy, they include a sleep timer, snore feature, gentle wake up alarm (massage and audio), and dual full body massage with wave. You can use their wireless remote with integrated clock, or if you prefer, use your iPhone or iPodtouch as your remote.

If local bedding and mattress retailers continue to display adjustable bed bases in their showrooms and the market continues to grow, it’s a safe bet that more and more people will not only have flexible mattresses, but also flexible adjustable bed frames.