Leggett and Platt Adjustable Beds

by Leggett and Platt
Prodigy by Leggett and Platt

If you are looking to buy an adjustable bed base Leggett and Platt is the manufacturer you need to know. This company is based in Georgetown, Kentucky and has been making adjustable bed frames for over 30 years. Within the bedding industry Leggett and Platt represents “quality.” Nothing is outsourced, and all parts and bases are made in Kentucky. The call center is there too.

Do you Buy Directly from Leggett and Platt?

The answer is no. This manufacturer doesn’t sell beds directly to the public, so if you want to buy, there are a few ways to go about doing it. Easiest way is to visit Leggett and Platt’s website where you can put in your zip code and find mattress stores in your area or within 25 to 100 miles from where you live.

The site will also show you which Leggett and Platt frame models the store carries. After that, if you choose to buy from a local bedding retailer many may have an adjustable bed package that includes the base plus the mattress, for a price. This is good if you are in the market for a new mattress and wanting to buy their adjustable base.

But, if you are only looking to buy one of their frames, the store may sell you from the models they carry; and many it seems carry 1 to 3 types. If you are looking for the best price on frame alone, there is a lot of price matching going on, even from online stores. It’s definitely worth shopping around for price… but remember to be comparing apples to apples.

If Buying a Base is the Warranty Through the Store or Through Leggett and Platt?

The warranty is through Leggett and Platt, not the store. On their website you will find the warranty listed for each model of base. Most all of the adjustable frames now come with one of two warranties. There is the 1 -5 year lifetime warranty for AC models, and the 1 – 2 year lifetime warranty for DC models; but, according to a company representative, there are some exceptions to that. For specific warranty information, you will want to visit their site. If you just bought a frame, fill out the warranty registration. You can do this online, mail, or contact them directly. What you will need, of course, is the date of purchase, retailer info and bed’s serial number.

About: L and P Adjustable Frames

There are 10 Leggett and Platt adjustable bed frames currently listed on their website for 2011. However, there are many bases not listed. The models listed on their website include: Prodigy, S-Cape, Optima, Silhouette, Pro-Motion, ShipShape, Profile, Bronze, Silver and Gold. An example of another base they manufacture that is not listed on their site is Adjusta-Magic. Leggett and Platt services bases they manufacture. They recently bought out a couple of companies, and now service Orthomatic and the Maxwell bases.

The newest one, Prodigy, has all the bells and whistles and seems to be the direction that many sleep systems are heading. This model, which is discussed a bit more below, definitely appeals to the flat screen TV viewing techie who reads and has a laptop in bed. For now, the S-Cape is probably the most popular. This model offers a lot of versatility, and can be put inside a bed like a four poster or headboard /footboard style.

Which One do you Need? AC or DC Motor System:

Which motor, or power, you will need depends primarily on weight. Leggett and Platts’ DC motors for queen and twin beds can lift up to 420 pounds. Similarly, their AC models can lift up to 600 pounds. So AC motors have the advantage of greater lifting capacity. L and P’s DC motors have an advantage as well, and this is that they include Whisper Quiet technology, which means not much noise when you or your partner adjust the bed position. Leggett and Platt does seem to have some AC models with Whisper Quiet motors. We see that their Prodigy AC model has Whisper Quiet technology. If you are interested in hearing what either motor sounds like, visit their website, they have an audio.

Here are Some Features to Consider:

  • whisper quiet motor
  • wireless remote control vs. hard wired
  • programmable remote control
  • back up power
  • wallhugger option
  • built in massage

A whisper quiet motor – This is pretty much what it sounds like, pretty quiet. This is probably the best technology around right now for keeping bed adjustments from being noisy or distracting. That said, you should expect to hear a very minimal humming sound when lifting or lowering head or foot sections.

A wireless remote versus one that is hard wired to the bed – Buying one over the other is merely a matter of preference. However, according to a representative at L and P, it seems older customers prefer hard wired remotes because you can’t lose them. Either way, when looking to buy a particular model, if both remote options are available, cost should be the same.

A programmable remote control – You can set and return to your favorite positions; who doesn’t like customization!

Back up power – This feature enables you to get your bed back to a flat position in the event of a power failure.

Wallhugger option – This feature is great because the bed takes up less space, and also, keeps the bed lined up with your side tables when raised.

Built in massage – Expect to hear a minimal tone when in use.

Prodigy Model is High Tech

The Prodigy App for the iPhone

If you are looking for a high tech adjustable bed, the Prodigy model might be for you. Yes, it’s currently the most expensive LP model, but this model also has a lot more features. Some impressive ones include the “snore” and “alarm” feature. Imagine pressing the “Snore” button, and your snoring bed partner’s side is raised by 7 degrees for 15 minutes. Nice if it stops the snoring! Also interesting is that you can hook up your iPod or iphone to run the bed. To do this what’s required is that you purchase a separate accessory called the Bridge (like a Wi-Fi ) which turns your iPod or iphone into your remote control. (Note: You will also need to download a free app from Apple called “Prodigy” as seen in the image to the left.)