What’s all the Fuss with Tempurpedic Ergo System?

My curiosity peaked after seeing 2 months of Tempurpedic TV Commercials featuring happy customers giving their high-rated testimonials to the camera. I realized I needed to check this mattress out. Brookstone carries Tempurpedic in store so I decided to venture off to their Corte Madera location and test their adjustable bed, the Ergo System.  FYI: Whatever you do, don’t call it an adjustable bed; no one seems to know what that is.

Roz is freaking out from the noise

I was also hoping that this trial, besides giving me a chance to work the remote, would allow me time to put my feet up and get a nice massage, breaking up a busy day and week.  No such luck. My dog was with me in the store, and as soon as I activated the massage feature, it was so loud that my dog freaked out. The first thing I tried was a mini massage for my legs and back. I was hoping for relaxing… but it was more in line with disturbing. I think it was mainly due to the fact that it was so loud, something the sales associate agreed with me about. What came to mind was a bad rollercoaster ride, one where you can’t wait to get off.

Luckily things went smoothly from there. I used the remote (wireless) to raise my head and imaged a nice flat screen TV at the foot of my bed. There was one touch on the remote to lower the bed, plus memory buttons to store your favorite mattress positions (up to four) and the bed frame changing positions was nice and quiet. All in all using the remote was as straight forward as advertised with its ‘simple and easy to use buttons’. Not surprisingly the mattress, The Cloud Supreme, was the real star here, over the adjusting frame. When it comes to comfort, I like the way memory foam contours all the body parts. But, I don’t like that it’s made using lots of potentially dangerous chemicals. I’ve read a lot of reviews of this mattress from new owners and they will often note that they barely have to move on this mattress it conforms so well to your body.

Now that's a remote!

Even though this particular mattress, which in queen size retails for $3000, is appealing, I found it to be too soft.  The firmest in this line is the Deluxe Cloud, which in queen size retails for $2500.  A queen size Ergo System frame sells for $1700. Prices, like these are set by the company so they don’t differ from store to store.

2 thoughts on “What’s all the Fuss with Tempurpedic Ergo System?”

  1. It’s a matter of oinopin, and in this case, yours is the only one that counts.Tempurpedic: My oinopin: They are junk. Memory foam, Visco elastic memory foam, or whatever term they would like to use, is not, in and of itself a bad product. Two to Three inches of it over a quality support system such as an innerspring unit will allow your body to conform properly to the bed and support you properly. However, when there are several inches of it, it poses a problem. The reason being, Memory Foam is heat reactive. That is, if your room is cold, it’s hard as a rock. If your room is hot, it is very soft and nonsupportive. If your room is just right, say 70 degrees F, that’s a good start. Until you get into bed then it starts to soften as it reacts with the heat given off by your 98.6 degree body. Then it gets softer, and softer, and deeper and softer and deeper. People generally have 2 oinopins about Tempurpedic: 1) They Love It. 2) They Can’t Stand It! There is no middle ground. And, since it softens and wears out, I personally do not believe it is a good choice, and it certainly will not be comfortable for 20 years. Notice I didn’t say, It won’t last for 20 years. The product will still be there, most likely, in 20 years but the comfort level will be long gone after 10 years if you’re one of the ones that likes it.I do sell mattresses, but I do not sell either one of these. I have told some of my customers that the only bed out there, other the conventional style beds, that I like is the Sleep Number. That takes into consideration Sleep Number, Tempurpedic and Intelligel, which are basically non-conventional mattress styles.Sleep Number:1) You can adjust the firmness of each side.2) You can select different grades of pillow tops to go on top of the air mattress.3) I believe that the pillow tops are replaceable.One drawback: Although the air bladders are constructed of anti-microbial materials, designed to prevent mold and other material from growing inside, they are not always effective. Because of the heat that our bodies give off, this eventually reaches the air bladder, which warms the interior/exterior surface of the air bladder, which then acts like a warm front hitting a cold front (because the air inside is the ambient room temperature). This will cause condensation or moisture to collect inside the bladder over time. Even if the bladder is antimicrobial, the air is not sterile in your home and, thus not in the air bladder. As a result, any microbes in the air now found a host a nice, moist, enclosed environment in which to populate their species, so to speak.So when the salesman tells you they solved that problem, they didn’t it’s not possible. Not to mention that the condensation problem is excerbated because the bladder is pressurized.Analysis: If you do not have any mold or mildew allergies and do not have a problem releasing a minor amount of them into your household atmosphere as you adjust the pressure, buy the Sleep Number.Either way, I still wouldn’t buy the Tempurpedic.If you have any more questions, feel free to contact me.Thanks,Shaunell

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